Black influencers: Trading Black Racial Trauma stories for followers

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The past few days have been pretty interesting. The launch date for  was set over a month ago. With all of the events & racial tension, multiple businesses took breaks, silenced themselves, and gave black creators the stage. The idea would allow black voices, creators, influencers, etc. to be heard. Many businesses took time to learn, listen & seek out they said.

As soon as we launched & even prior to the launch date multiple companies reached out for a “black story” & collaboration. Some of the top schools sponsored hundreds of black students. Including the school, I was recently accepted to. This obviously sparked my interest. Billion-dollar companies donated thousands of dollars to the NAACP & other organizations- just to show their support. 

Gaining a Massive Social Media Following

During this time, Extreme visionary site viewer notifications were going off, readers from out of the country we're visiting the site, subscriptions were filling the inbox-you name it. The accounts with a massive social media following & presence wanted detailed stories including our personal experiences with racism, police brutality, stereotypes, discrimination, etc.

"Damned if you do"

I'm a writer first & I love connecting with people. But I couldn't ignore that feeling. You know? When your intuition is telling you "Something is off here."  Why did I have this knot in my stomach & writer's block all of a sudden?

It was almost like some of these companies were in competition with one another to see who could donate the most money, provide the best content, and support the most black social media accounts. Just to keep up the trend, fit their Instagram feed & gain an even larger following. Not all of them, but I can feel who's genuine about it & it's too many of them.

I know what you're thinking "Damned if we do, damned if we don't...right?"

But were they really prepared to listen to these types of stories? I wondered how quickly they were reposted. At what moment did they truly decide to place themselves into the black story teller’s shoes? How was this tragedy any different and just so happen to impact the majority?

This act may help their CEO sleep better at night but the people are simply asking to make it back home safely to their loved ones.

Racial Profiling

To be completely transparent, starting at just 4 years old, injustice made me feel torn, up against the wall between family, friends & the remainder of the world. The reason being, once the cops showed up, they would rather question & detain than rescue. To make matters worse, the past trauma terrifies & angers black families to even have to call on the police for help. Lastly, being labeled as a complainer, problematic, or accused of pulling “the race card” totally distracts others to see a different point of view.

It's Personal

How could one explain or expect anyone else to understand how insulting, humiliating & dehumanizing each experience is? If you really want to see it, it's going to take more than a week, a month or even, a cry out from the community. It requires acknowledgment, forward-thinking focus & a strong desire to fix our country's heart problem vs. a broken system. It's impossible to fix a system that was never built for you. It leaves limited options or no choice but to break it all down completely & rebuild.

For this to be successful,

We don't need more followers- we need more leaders & learners. We need more to rise up & don't let up when it matters the most when "the show" is all over. Because we all know that day is approaching. There are a million social media marketing plans waiting for it.

What exactly have you learned from #BlackOutTuesday ?

As an influencer & visionary, I'm not here to adapt or ride a wave. I'm here to impact, set the tone, challenge your thinking & shift the entire focus.

Instead of asking the black community to share their stories- share yours, share the times you may have turned away, or ignored it altogether. Share your own experience growing up in a household that never "seen color. Share the book reports after you've educated yourself & utilized all of the resources you're providing to your current followers. Here is a great example from personal blogger @Chinaalexandar UgBoDJ/?igshid=1swfm39h5h0rj

Play the game

Black women, black influencers, black bloggers: remember your story is more than just a week of highlights, story features & vegan stuffed quinoa bell pepper recipes.

It's history. It's personal. It's going to impact the world. Let's continue to pave the way.

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