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An Open Letter To All The Moms That Set a New Year's Weight Loss Resolution - Every Year.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The Start

Most of us moms are desperate to bounce back into shape after having a baby. The process of giving birth feels like it's taking just about everything but your soul - including time, self-worth, self-confidence, and sleep.

Fortunately, the body is amazing. I don't think we give ourselves enough credit for everything we do - on top of raising babies and our partners looking to us for nurturing and encouragement.

We manage all of this while continuing to bleed out, heal from stitches, pull through postpartum depression & rush back to work just to pull our own weight at home.

Let mom get sick for just a day -- the entire house may fall apart.


This is a reality for most mothers; somehow, there's still a hand full of men that fail to appreciate women as if it doesn't take just one of us to birth ten plus of them.

The Struggle

Many women struggle with weight loss in general. Motherhood forces us to question how we could ever manage to lose excess weight plus the weight gained during pregnancy too.

Sometimes it's because we're merely bettering ourselves. It appears much easier to take care of everyone else.

Some women don't realize that their bodies are already amazing! Our minds can push it to do exactly what we want it to; it already has sacrificing what we want for what our family needs.

The Victory

Losing over 150 pounds was my solution to help me become the best version of myself.

I knew once I mastered this obstacle, I could do almost anything. It's also why I choose to encourage others, even if it’s not about weight loss.

There's something else we all have to conquer in our lives before we know what we're called to do on this planet.

It’s that “high up” feeling some of us get when we get excited about it, but still overwhelmed, uncertain how we'll ever commit and make enough time to pursue it.

It's uneasy, but from the very moment we decide, commit, and trust the process, we begin to uncover who we’ve been the entire time.

It betters our chances of showing up as our best selves for our families.

If we can change our minds, we can change our life. If we can change our life, imagine what it will do for family?

Just imagine the type of example it could set for them. It's worth the trouble to find out.

What kind of personal challenges are you facing maintaining a healthy lifestyle while supporting a family? 

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