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What does being "positive" look like anyway?

"One small positive thought in the morning can change the entire outcome of your day."

Thoughts: I always feel pretty low around the holidays. I disconnect but I'm rarely ever lonely.

Relationship over Religion

I often feel sluggish, exhausted & overwhelmed. I get anxious. I rarely want to celebrate & I don't feel like explaining myself - to anyone.

I prefer to visit with friends/family when there's absolutely nothing going on.

Sometimes "events" can be distracting.

Sometimes we totally miss the mark.

Sometimes there's way more energy

put into the decorations, gifts, traveling & religion than the relationship.

Group Texts & Holidays

Could you imagine if the same energy presented itself for meaningful connections, closing the gaps, restoring relationships, building bridges & opening the lines of communication?

Try addressing that big elephant in that family group text.

"Happy Halloween! Boo! Does this year's election terrify you or are you feeling confident? Let's chat about it."
"Happy Thanksgiving! Why haven't we connected since 1998?"
"Merry Christmas! Jesus is alive in this house! I noticed you don't have life insurance. I'd like to refer you to a friend that helped me out with this."
"Happy New Year, Anyone care to join my family savings money pool?" I'm trying to invest in a goat & 3 acres.

***NauBriana has left the group.***

Meet up

Not because it's the holidays & we made it through the year but because we all genuinely care & our individual effort is required.

The joy of life. Life can be a celebration.

I celebrate life every day. I prioritize the time it requires to reach out to friends & family every opportunity I get. I express my thankfulness & joy every day through every thought, action, and service.

Art by @tarnellisart

It's challenging to suppress & go with the flow of "normal & routine" for other's sake when it's just not your preference of flow. But when it's out of your control you can resort back to you, your thoughts, and how you choose to show up every day.

Positive thought: It's going to be rough but not forever. It's going to look ugly but only for how long you allow it. Although it seems impossible or the load is too heavy you don't have to throw in the towel now just to start over in January. You are capable of doing hard things. Your effort today, matters. Your creativity matters. Your voice matters. Your thoughts today...matter.

What you want exist

Even if it starts with just getting out of bed.

Walking 10 minutes.

Eating 1 healthier meal.

Saying 1 word to 1 person.

Reading 1 page.

Saving $1.

Attending 1 event.

What you want exists. It requires something more from you & you're capable of building up to it. It's just you. Not the season, not 2020, not him, not her, not a vacation, not another accomplishment.

It's just you.

Master you.

There is no better time than now to fight harder to stay encouraged, uplifted & disciplined.

One habit at a time.

It may be easier to try & get through 1 day at a time instead of through the season. "One small positive thought in the morning can change the entire outcome of your day." #repeatrepeat

What positive thoughts are you keeping in order to keep moving forward?

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