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About The Founder

NauBriana’s been overweight her entire life. In the last 10 years, due to being diagnosed with an eye disease, (Keratoconus) she’s undergone two corneal transplants to restore her sight, experienced hearing loss, birthed a surprise baby, beat depression & lost over 150 pounds. She writes to empower & connect.

One of her major objectives is to encourage others to achieve their full potential & become their authentic selves. Life's experiences showed her by targeting Mental Health and The Six Dimensions of Wellness (Emotional, Occupational, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Intellectual) we can heal from the inside not by "getting better" but choosing to live well. 


Solopreneur, Certified Transformation & Recovery Coach, and Corporate Communications Professional 

NauBriana's a full-time working mother, writer, and professional coach. She studies human behavior & documents everyday life experiences.

By day, she’s a typical corporate chick by night - an inspired, strategic visionary, community shaper & solopreneur.

If not writing you can find her spreading awareness, hosting wellness retreats, and taking advantage of art & nature with her family. If not that, she's likely attempting to master the game of Rummikub at a local mom & pop coffee shop.

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