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Stories from Grandpa Journal- Product of the Week

I'm enjoying "Stories from Grandpa"  The questions open up a deep conversation with him. It's pretty challenging to get a call or text back from my grandpa these days. His memory is fading and he operates every day as if he is running out of time. 


I didn't want to burden him by asking him to fill the book out himself so instead, the first time I chose to utilize the book was by starting it off as an ice breaker during a planned family lunch.  The topics included funerals, organ donation, future living arrangements, what if scenarios, life insurance, wills, trust, etc. These are never popular topics but extremely important. 


Asking the questions really allowed things to flow differently. It was easier to switch up the conversation after being pretty strategic about which chapter I wanted to start with. Such as "Chapter 10. Your Hopes for the Future" I left the lunch table with more confidence and a plan. I also call my GPA every week with 5 questions he is becoming more anxious to answer every call. The book is worth the $10!  I also picked one up for my grandma. 

Weight Loss Rewards System

Click  below to purchase your copy! 


Nutrilite Women's Pack

 Foundational nutrition designed for women. The best of Nature & Science & #1 selling vitamin in the world! Nourish your body from the inside out with better daily nutrition to help you look and feel your best. The packs are personalized, simple and convenient with no artificial colors, flavors
or preservatives. All Good. No Guesswork.

  • Daily Multivitamin

  • Cal Mag D Advanced

  • For Hair, Skin, and Nails

  • 30 packets

  • Omega 3

Mom Boss Nation-Mompreneur T-ShirT


"Raising tiny humans and building my empire."


Exvision2020 (20% off)    

Your goals won’t wait, so Why Start Monday? This tank top gives you inspiration to get to work on your goals - be it health and wellness or otherwise - while staying comfortable. 

Post Workout Tumeric CherryFlavor

Run It Back - Metal Bar Aviator Sunglasses

Bowflex Max Elliptical Trainer 

Best Bang for your buck! BowFlex Max Trainer is an amazing low impact machine.  It’s aided me on my weight loss journey- helping me lose the first 100 pounds. At my heaviest, I could hardly stand long enough to walk let alone workout 20-30 minutes. 14 minutes on the elliptical just 3-4 days a week was just what I needed to reach my weight loss goal. As a busy mom building a business from home-it’s perfect for a quick workout when you can’t make it to the gym or it’s too hot for the little ones. ☺  You can easily set up in the home & takes up minimal space in the corner. One of the best investments I’ve made to date!
✔️8 Resistance Levels
✔️2 Workout Programs
✔️Heart-Rate Monitor
✔️Target-Zone & Burn-Rate Indicators
✔️Water Bottle & Media Shelf/Tablet Holder


Artistry Brightening Mask

I’ve fallen in love with exfoliating! My skin has never been clearer. Artistry Signature Select Brightening Mask Energizes skin dulled by stress, fatigue and environmental aggressors. Skin looks instantly brighter, refreshed and luminous with renewed vitality. 
✔️Natural loofah grains and jojoba beads, which gently exfoliate dull skin cells
✔️A brightening formula infused with Nutrilite™-sourced white chia seed extract
✔️A light fragrance blends decadent warm notes of honey, tea and soft florals
✔️A silky, bright white mousse texture with a high gloss



Lunette Menstrual Cup

The Lunette period cup is a user-friendly tampon alternative. It's naturally hygienic, made from silky-soft medical grade silicone. Eco-logical every month: reusable for years to come, save money & the planet, with the vegan & ecofriendly cup! Lunette means more freedom and less hassle — you can wear your period cup for up to 12 hours and overnight!


The Honey Pot Company is the first plant-based feminine care system that women can come to get everything they need in one place. Great products that work-not out to sell you toxins. 🖤💕✔

The Honey Pot Co.

Pali Wine Co.

2018 Dawn Wine Specs by Pali Wine Co.

Amazing Organic Wine Promoting Wellness. Sustainably farmed, fermented with skin contact for 11 days. Only used naturally occurring yeast. Unfined and unfiltered with no added sulfur. 


“A glass of wine you can enjoy guilt free. It’s amazing to have a good natural wine option that allows you to stick to your healthy lifestyle & goals.” 

 Ollie Top! 

Absolutely love this brand! A small business owner, woman owned, ships fast. Plus, she takes care of her customers- the giveaways are awesome! Off the shoulder top with smocked elastic band at top. Bell sleeve with lace detail. Made of rayon. True fit. 

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I’m excited to recommend some of the best that science and nature has to offer!

Please remember to always do your own research.

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