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World Keratoconus Day 2020

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

World Keratoconus Day 2020

There are plenty of topics one could discuss to raise awareness about this eye disease. In the last decade, I've written blogs about being misdiagnosed and waiting for a transplant.

I've blogged about living with Keratoconus while seeking alternative treatment. I've been interviewed and highlighted my everyday experience.

I've voiced the lack of integrity stepping inside the office of some of America's Top Corneal Transplantation Surgeons.

I've researched & witnessed how a holistic approach to health can strengthen the collagen fibers in the cornea.

I've attended Transplantation Appreciation Ceremonies honoring organ recipients & donor families.

I've advocated for donor recipients & also highlighted the dire need for more registered organ donors to all of my friends and family time and time again but nothing brings me more joy & fulfillment than simply acknowledging the "gift of sight."

Did you know

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2009. My vision was restored with the help of strangers that are no longer here today.

The gift of sight

Name a sense you would hate to lose more? Would it be touch, smell, sight, hearing, or taste?

Studies show, of the 5 senses, for most people, sight is their most valued sense. Yet, so many of us naturally take it for granted.

Did you know?

Cornea tissue is one of the most sensitive tissues in your body?

Unlike other tissue, cornea tissue has no blood vessels & it can only get its nutrients from our tears. If scarred or infected the eye is becomes concerningly vulnerable to bacteria & dust.

Did you know? An unprotected, 5 layered, corneal tissue is even more so exposed to infections, injury & diseases.

Today, due to Covid-19 we're all wearing masks to limit the spread of the virus & exposing one another.

But did you know? Without the gift of sight, we should be just as concerned about how easily the eye is exposed to bacteria & extreme sensitivity to light.

Picture your life currently, vulnerably wearing a face mask, fighting to build a stronger immune system and suddenly your vision drastically changes leading to vision distortion or legal blindness.

How would life change?

Who do you have in your life now that's committed to supporting you the same way your body has?

Have you had an opportunity to see all of the beautiful parts of the world on your bucket list yet?

Depending on your location and finances would you receive a donation and transplant right away?

Would you have to put off any dreams for now?

Would your pre-existing condition and the need to see become a priority to society or just you?

I had to ask myself the same questions. My experience shined a light that there should be more of us raising awareness and educating others about Keratoconus and organ donation.

How can you help today?

Schedule your eye exams regularly, become a donor, share this info & continue appreciating the gift of sight.

Thank you for tuning into my TED Talk.

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